Oxtellar XR Is Taken Once-a-Day

Oxtellar XR is a medication used to treat partial seizures. The “XR” in Oxtellar XR stands for “extended-release.” Oxtellar XR gives you a controlled amount of medicine throughout the day. Oxtellar XR is a once-a-day medicine that comes in 3 dosage strengths: 600 mg, 300 mg and 150 mg.

Extended-Release Once-a-day Medicines

Important features of these medicines include:

  • They are taken only once a day
  • They provide a full daily dose

Oxtellar XR May Be a Good Treatment for You

Sometimes a single medicine isn’t enough to help control partial seizures. If you are still having partial seizures, it’s important to talk with your doctor. Ask if once-a-day Oxtellar XR could make a difference for you.

Oxtellar XR Is a Therapy That May Help Reduce the Frequency of Your Partial Seizures*

These results were documented in a medical study of 366 adult patients diagnosed with epilepsy and uncontrolled partial seizures. Patients in this study were taking either a placebo pill, Oxtellar XR at a dose of 1200 mg/day, or Oxtellar XR at a dose of 2400 mg/day, and were:

  • On a stable treatment plan of 1 to 3 epilepsy medicines
  • Experiencing an average of 6 partial seizures every 28 days

*Individual results may vary.

What Doctors Say About Once-a-Day Oxtellar XR

Dr. Nieto and Dr. Sankar are experts in epilepsy and share their thoughts below on why once-a-day Oxtellar XR is often a good fit for patients having partial seizures:

I have added once-daily Oxtellar XR for several patients not adequately controlled with their first partial seizure medications because it’s once a day.

Roberto M. Nieto, MD
Physician, Neurology Associates of Arlington
Mansfield, TX

I have been prescribing once-daily Oxtellar XR since the year it was first introduced, and have been excited about its potential efficacy and consistency. It really put oxcarbazepine back on the map—a therapeutic choice for many patients.

Raman Sankar, MD
Professor and Chief, Division of Pediatric Neurology
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

The testimonial included is from a physician who has a consulting arrangement with Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.